Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
DHS 22 CISA 120 REMCDP 001 Rural Emergency Medical Communications Demonstration Project
22CS24 Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils (CJCCs) Resources Project
NG FTIF 2022 Fiscal Transparency Innovation Fund (FTIF)
DOS BAGHDAD PD 2022 004 Iraqi Alumni Association Development
DOS JTF 2022 Notice of Funding Opportunity – Julia Taft Fund (PGO)
SFOP0008370 DRL Internet Freedom Annual Program Statement
MEDIA FY21 01 Promoting media literacy and critical thinking in Armenia
AF BAMAKO FY21 03 Training for English Club Leaders
SVM700 21 PAS 005 Women’s Empowerment Club
NOI ILAB 20 10 Combatting Child Labor in Cobalt Supply Chains in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
PAS MOROCCO FY20 08 Youth Outreach for Bicentennial of U.S. Legation in Tangier
NOI ILAB 20 08 Improving workers’ occupational safety and health in selected supply chains in Mexico—A Vision Zero Fund Project
PAS MOROCCO FY20 06 Academy for Women Entrepreneurs - AWE 2020
20CS08 Parole Board Members Training
7200AA20RFA00005 Greater Internet Freedom (GIF)
DHS 19 GPD 044 00 99 FY 2019 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program
USGS FA 20 0031 Notice of Intent: Operation of the Mid-America Integrated Seismic Network 2020-2024—CERI
SMY 300 FY19 TECH Regional TechCamp Workshop: Countering Disinformation
PAS JOR FY19 001 U.S. Embassy Jordan Public Affairs Section FY19 Annual Program Statement (“APS”)
SCAISB 19 AW 003 02122019 Pakistan English Language Teacher (ELT) Development
NPS 18 NERO 0095 Expansion of Landscope Chesapeake
18AD01 Executive Excellence: A Professional Development Program for Correctional Leaders
NPS 17 NERO 0136 Support Appalachian Trail Landscape Partnership (FY2017)
SCAKAB 17 AW 004 SCA 04112017 Undergraduate Scholarships Outside of Afghanistan for Afghan Women


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